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WyBull Real Estate Academy

Tailored to meet and exceed your expectations. Learn the art of buying, flipping, wholesaling, and mastering almost any real estate transaction. Custom one-on-one and group training designed for immediate results.

Rated one of the top real estate training academies in the area. Our instructors have purchased and flipped over 300 homes.

WyBull Probate Services


Have you recently become an executor or executrix of an estate? Are you looking for assistance with the home or homes that are involved with the estate? We are trained to help!

We are a group of specialized real estate agents and investors that can either list the home or purchase the home outright for cash.

WyBull Capital Partners

Creating a platform between private money holders and rehab investors. Are you looking to invest in real estate, but do not want to do the actual rehab and flip work?  We have created an environment that allows you to lend money to our rehab students, where we manage the transaction to make sure it's done correctly and that you receive great returns


WyBull Real Estate Group


Our RE/MAX team is made up of experienced industry leaders who work collaboratively to optimize opportunities for each and every client. We prioritize responsible representation and focus on the quality of our team members, not the size of our sales force.

We provide traditional real estate services in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.


WyBull Associates, LLC is a real estate based company based in New Jersey. We are a unique group of companies that provide investor and rehab training, hard money capital, probate and estate services, as well as traditional real estate services through RE/MAX.


3000 Atrium Way, Suite 200

Mt Laurel, NJ 08054

Toll Free: (888) 626-0005

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