WyBull Associates, LLC - About Us

WyBull Associates - created with a dream, a vision, and a win-win goal!

Frank Wible (pronounced WyBull), President and co-founder of WyBull Associates started with a single vision many years ago.  Frank quickly became a disrupter in the real estate industry by creating new an innovative ways to capture market share in a very competitive business. How?  By creating amazing marketing solutions like no other could even imagine. (One day you need to ask him about his REO/Foreclosure Tour Bus program he created.)


Most agents, brokers, and traditional real estate gurus took one look at his methods and programs and laughed, or shrugged him off as here today, gone tomorrow situation.  Well, they are not laughing anymore. Over the past 20+ years Frank has created a huge network of investors and clients that continually place him in the top 5% of New Jersey real estate agents, and has created  an empire with significant investment properties attached.


WyBull Academy, his newest creation (Formed in 2017), was created based on a need that Frank quickly saw in the market. What need? The need to instruct potential investors that wanted to be successful in real estate the right way it should be done. Anyone can label themselves an investor, but over the years Frank has watched as these new investors dove in with both feet and almost lost everything.  Frank quickly identified the problems these new investors faced.


1.) They counted on an agent that may, or may not have had the inter working knowledge about flipping homes.

2.) They always underbid and underestimated the amount for the rehab work.

3.) The inability to find quality contractors and rehab staff.

4.) They borrowed hard money simply to not miss out on the deal, where the lender took most of the profit.

5.) They simply did not understand all the costs and processes associated with investing.

6.) Investors began overpaying for properties due to limited inventory just to keep their money working.


What Frank does everyday and in the normal course of business is what has crippled so many investors entering into the real estate investing game. Therefore, WyBull Academy was formed to fill that desperate need. A small investment to learn the right way to complete a real estate flip is almost like an insurance policy. Anyone trying without the proper training is taking high risks that are simply not needed.


In an order to maximize profits for both his company and the investors working with his specialized team, Frank has created a process where every investor has direct access to him, one of his team members, or his instructors so that every facet of the transaction is double and triple checked to ensure accuracy. Once again always creating the ability to maximize profits for his investors.


The ultimate goal of WyBull Associates is to complete as many WIN-WIN real estate transactions as possible. This is done by;


1.) Training wholesalers to obtain as many deals as possible.

2.) Selling these wholesale deals for them to our cash investors.

3.) Training cash investors the RIGHT way to purchase and flip homes.

3.) Cash investors selling their completed homes through our RE/MAX real estate team.


Everyone makes money! Wholesalers having an unlimited outlet to sell their wholesale deals, and cash investors having a steady supply chain of new properties they can rehab.  All the while, WyBull Associates building the infrastructure and platform to make this process simple and easy for all involved.


WyBull Associates will continue to grow and add new services to support the real estate industry. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our offices and we will have someone contact you shortly.