WyBull Capital Partners

WyBull Capital Partners was created for one simple reason, to connect real estate investors and cash investors together. We have trained many successful flip investors, and place them with private money partners. 

To be eligible for this program, you must have completed WyBull Academy's "The Art of the Flip" course.  Once completed, we will begin introducing you to Private Money Investors (PMI) that are willing to invest in you, and your deals.

The Private Money Investors feel comfortable that we as a company take a coaching position on each deal they are involved with to ensure the success of the flipper and the cash investor.

All deals are secured by the real estate and take one of the following positions:

1.) 50/50 Profit Partner
A deal where the Private Money Investor provides the capital to do the deal and the flipper completes the project. Once sold, the profit on the deal is split between the two parties. This is very poplar for flippers that are doing the first or second deal with us.

2.) Interest and Payments
In this case, the Private Money Investor takes a mortgage position on the property and receives monthly interest only payments (average 13% return) during the time the home is being rehabbed and on the market. Once sold, the investor is paid back the original loan amount. 

With both programs, our Private Money Investors know that we will be involved with the flipper to insure the purchase price was correct, the rehab numbers are correct, and the flipper is doing everything to maximize returns. Once again, WyBull is always involved directly.