WyBull Investor VIP Concierge Services

Investor Concierge Services

WyBull Associates provides this service to all our cash investors.

Time is money, and we understand that your time is very valuable. What if there were a service that would find you the properties, in the areas you want, do all the comp work, visit the property to understand the scope of work, as well as seeing if there are any major issues with the property? Sound interesting?


Then we provide you a complete report about the subject property including a suggested offer price for this property. We are expert negotiators and will continue to negotiate with the listing agent, wholesaler, or home owner until we obtain the price you want to pay (our suggested price or even lower). We never give up and we know how to do this better than anyone. This service is managed by a team of retired investors, and as investors they understand that the cheaper the better! Only when we have achieved the price that you are willing to pay and offer is accepted, does our fee become due.

Our Service fees are as follows:
0-100K             $1,500.00
101K-200K       $2,000.00
201K+              $2,500.00

All fees are payable in advance and will be refunded if we do not find you a new property in 30 days.  We are that convinced that we will perform. If you would like to have the fee collected at the closing table, the fee will be increased by $500.00.

We earn every penny!

Below are a list of examples that we have done for other investors. As you can see, we make sure you get the best deal possible for your money.  We know you will be happy with our services. These are actual examples of deals we put together. 

Glendora NJ

Blackwood NJ

Glassboro NJ

Browns Mills NJ












Contact our program manager, Annette Gaeta today for more information about our investor VIP concierge program. Direct Dial: (732) 996-6529‬


This investor was looking for another home to rehab. This property caught our attention.


LIST PRICE: $157,000


CONFIG: 5 Bed 3 Bath

FINAL PRICE: $96,000