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The Wholesale Investor  (1 Day Classroom Training)

Based on your own personal economics, you may choose to become one of our Premier WyBull Wholesale Investors and Master Marketers. This requires no money to purchase the home, or any type of credit requirements.

You will learn how to become a Master Marketer and identifier of distressed properties that you can place under contract, without having to actually purchase the property. Once under agreement, we can then market the property to cash-buying rehab investors, or you can market the property yourself to your buyers.  

We assist you with making the offer to the homeowner and make sure you are not paying too much. The process is very simple and we, as your team, handle the logistics of the transaction.

YOU:    Find the property and set up the appointment with owner;
YOU:    Submit request for property value to our team;
WE:      Create an entire report for you that you can take to seller;
YOU:    Utilize our "Rehab Value" sheet to determine how much rehab will cost;
WE:      Provide you the formula for what to offer that seller based on all data;
YOU:    Make the offer to the seller;
WE:      Write the assignment contracts for you;
WE:      Begin to market the property (we probably already have the buyer);
YOU:    Collect the difference for what it's sold for and what you offered the seller

As an example, if you were to place a property under agreement for $50,000, and our cash investor pays $60,000 for the property, you keep the difference! NO money out of your pocket, no credit needed! 

All of this is taught in detail in our Wholesale Investor Class.  You will have the confidence and the know-how on how to handle this entire process.  However, don't worry!  Once you have completed our course we will remain you coach on every deal if you like. We have you covered!

We are your team!


Includes: 5 Hour Training Session - Handbook/Manual - 2 Yard Signs - 100 Post Cards - Coaching Program

Website Special: $199.00

The Art of Flipping  (4 Week One-On-One Training)

WyBull Academy's flagship program. Are you ready to jump right in to begin flipping homes?  Do you have the drive and determination to make a living rehabbing and flipping homes? As much as TV may show it to be an easy business, it can become very stressful and complicated. In this course you will learn every facet of the process in detail from some of the most experienced instructors in the area. 

We are there for you during the entire process as mentors and coaches to make sure what you're doing will maximize your profit potential. This includes the purchase price, the value of the rehab, and the best type of rehab to maximize your return. We never leave your side until you are ready! Most of our students profit between $35K-$45K on each transaction.

A very unique one-on-one training course that will have you flipping homes and making profits in no time. This course teaches you how to find distressed properties, place offers, obtain financing, if needed, and the complete art of rehabbing a home correctly for a fast and profitable sale. We work with you at our location and on-site at different rehab projects in progress.

Week One

Become a Master Marketer Creating Contacts

Identifying Deals

Viewing Properties

Meeting w/Sellers

What Questions to Ask Property Due Diligence Research & Comps Purchasing Formula Rehab

Budget Creation

The Offer Process

Inspections & Appraisals

Final Purchase Process Funding & Financing Wholesaling Your Deal Contracts & Agreements

Week Two

Rehab or Wholesale Property Carrying Costs

Utilities, Taxes & Insurance

Property Maintenance Budget Management Purchasing Materials Labor & Contractors Key Factors in Rehabbing Unexpected Costs

Preparing for Resale Wholesale Contracts

Pre-Marketing Property Advertising Property

Showing Property

Week Three

Putting Your Team in Place Creating Workflow Sheets Hiring The Contractors General Contractors Skilled Laborers Electricians, Plumbers, HVAC, Pest Control

Well & Septic


Waste Management

Permits & Ordinances Township Fines & Fees Understand Selling Process Buyer Demands & Repairs FHA, Conventional, Cash Mortgage Regulations

Week Four

Preparing Property for Listing Maintaining a Listed Property Comparables & Rehab Value Sales & Commissions

Title Reports & Liens Communicate Expectations Understanding the Contract The Closing Process


Includes: 4 Week Daily Training Session - Handbook/Manual - 4 Yard Signs - 200 Post Cards - Coaching Program

Website Special: $2,400.00